Top 5 hikes in the Revelstoke area

The sheer abundance of hiking trails in Revelstoke can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands. We’re not exaggerating! So to help you plan your trip, we decided to tell you a little about 5 of our favorite hikes in the area. In no particular order:

Begbie Falls/Creek Trails

A short intermediate hike (Due to a steep section at the end). This trail takes you through a beautiful forest, mostly following Begbie Creek up to some impressive waterfalls. It’s the perfect hike for those not looking for anything too taxing or those short on time.

The area has tons of small hiking trails, you can download a pdf trail guide here

Keystone Basin Hike

This is a long one! 22KM out and back to the remote snowmobile cabin. While long the hike it’s self is not too taxing in terms of uphill elevation, you will certainly be feeling it in your legs by the end of the day due to its length. It’s a great hike if you’re looking for a full day out with lots of changes of scenery. From Sub-alpine forest, to deep valleys, to alpine forests and lakes. Well worth the effort!

From Revelstoke, Turn right on Highway 23 N (set odometer). At ~49km there is a logging road on the right, but keep going for another kilometre. At 50km there is another logging road and it is sign posted for Keystone Basin. Go up the logging road (any car can do this slowly), following signs, for 16.2 km to end of road and a parking lot.

Jade Lakes trail

An absolutely stunning day out – and we mean a day out. The full hike is 20km out and back with a few fairly steep sections. But don’t be put off, the the views of the alpine and the beautiful snowmelt-fed alpine lakes at the end of the trail are well worth the effort. If you have a reasonable level of fitness and a little bit of determination this is the hike for you.

The trail head is at the end of the Meadows In The Sky Parkway. The parkway starts at the entrance to Mount Revelstoke National Park, just east of Revelstoke, on the Trans-Canada Highway. The parkway has many switchbacks as it climbs 26 km to the summit of Mount Revelstoke. A shuttle bus ferries people from the second parking lot to the summit every 20 minutes in the summer months but there is also a 1 km trail that connects the second parking lot to the summit. The trail head is well sign posted from there. Click here for the trail guide

The summit trail

The Summit Trail is a challenging uphill hike that takes you through a cross section of ecosystems in the Columbia Mountains.
This is a fairly difficult 10km hike through the forest from the base of Mount Revelstoke to Balsam Lake. If you are looking for a good dose of mountain exercise, you will love the thrill of making your way through the mountainous terrain.

The trail starting point is located behind Farrel Road, which is right behind the Revelstoke Railway Museum on 719 Track Street. The trail is fairly well sign posted all the way

Abbot Ridge

This hike is in the Glacier National park, about a 40 minute drive outside of Revelstoke. The trail its self is 14km out and back with some sustained elevation for long sections. All culminating in a magnificent final section along a narrow ridge. The views are absolutely breathtaking at the top. With views of several mountains to the west and views down the valley to the east. The first hour of the hike is quite strenuous, however nothing anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can’t handle.

Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 E (signs for Trans-Canada Highway/British Columbia 1 E/Golden) for 46 km until you see the signpost for the Glacier National Park.

Click here to download the trail guide for the Glacier National Park

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