The concept behind the Cube

People sometimes stop by the front desk and chat for a few minutes, wondering about what our motivations in setting up the Cube was. I would suggest it stems from an attraction to great hotels, while at the same time a certain resentment against the trend in the industry to charge a substantive premium in order for the customer to feel special, unique.

Do not get me wrong. I like feeling like a million bucks, I just am not sure I am willing to pay the difference in price in order to get those little details, such as the front desk receptionist calling me by my first name, the towels wrapped in nice paper, numerous little bottles with exotic liquids inside…..

It kind of makes me feel I bought my way to the top, only to abruptly come down once I settle the fee at checkout time!

So we set out to offer what we think is truly respectful of our guests. A good basic room, a tasty breakfast, and a great opportunity to meet other guests, like the good ole youth hostels of years gone by.
We also have more original art than any other accommodation in Revelstoke, and while that may seem a wrong priority to some, we believe it adds to the atmosphere, more so than putting a small piece of chocolate on a pillow!

We have a 20 foot high communal hall with big skylights and a full kitchen, and those were also choices we made over having bigger, more expensive rooms. There are many fine local choices for folks who seek to be pampered in luxury, at a certain price! And then there is us, definitely more basic, but just as much fun, and for a better price!

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